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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Blog Action Day 2008 - full toubab!

On blog action day bloggers try to write about the same subject on the same day - this year on October 15th the topic is Poverty.

The one example of of the word 'Poverty' I found today in Abingdon was in the Oxfam shop window where you can "Bring in your unwanted M&S clothes, get a £5 M&S voucher and help to end poverty .

In the year 2000 over £50,000 was raised for the Abingdon Millenium project. It included donations from Abingdon Virginia. There is no millenium monument to show for it - no sculpture on the Market Place. Instead, the money went to help fund WaterAid projects in Ethiopia and India.

The idea came from Margaret Rickmann, who with Allan Rickmann - not the actor, left Abingdon about 4 years ago to work for VSO (voluntary Service Overseas) in the Gambia, and then in Cambodia. They did return for a couple of months in 2006 to Abingdon, UK and Margaret wrote on the Rickmann Travelog with a feeling of reverse culture shock:

Day two back in UK. An efficient but pleasant banking experience. A walk along a tarred road. Buses, no rubbish, and cool enough temperatures to walk at high speed - full toubab!

"Let's get a bus back." Allan stuck his hand out.

Ïn UK you need to go to a bus stop"-Ah! of course.


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