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Monday, 6 October 2008

Abingdon Michaelmas Street Fair - 1 of 3

The fair used to be set up on Sunday afternoon but nowadays it begins first thing Sunday Morning, and is almost complete by mid afternoon.

People walk the length of Ock Street to see what is on offer. Here are a couple of visitors from the Middle East with their Abingdon hosts. "Abingdon isn't like this normally!!!"

Here are Private Blonde and friend in front of the Ask Restaurant.

The fair does mean there will be no traffic queues on Ock Street for a couple of days.

Crazy Croc helps enforce the car free street.

The fair is all smack bang in the middle of a residential street. Not all residents love it. Some move away for a couple of days.

Only one ride gets going on the setup day - Sunday, and thats the galloping horses after the Fair Blessing Service. Its the only ride that is ever for free.


Anonymous st_helens_man said...

I love this blog - its so up to date!

The fair certainly caused problems on the roads this morning. I hear there was an accident over towards Fairfields that resulted in the whole area jammed!

6 October 2008 15:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Free? It was £2 per person when I looked.

14 October 2008 23:07  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

It was free for just the one go fatre the Fair Service

16 October 2008 08:40  

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