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Monday, 29 September 2008

Stocks Beer Fest

A group of Mods are seen arriving here at The Stocks Bar (thats at the Crown and Thistle on Bridge Street) - presumably for the Beer Festival, and not just to show off their good looks.

Real Ale from twelve casks was being sold in the back room.

The beers were all fairly local, everything from Burford Best to Wayland Smithy - all £2.50 a pint. No suprise that I went for the Village Idiot.

And for £2 you could get a commemorative "Stocks Beer Festival" glass, with the profits going to charity.

Outside a band were playing, entertaining the crowds, and very good.


Blogger kate said...

The group of mods had been at the Roadrunners (scooter club) 30th aniversary do at the Boundry House all weekend

1 October 2008 13:16  

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