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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

At the scene of the hole

Yesterday water was seen coming out of the hole and they have determined that a culvert (or water pipe) has collapsed.

As you can see, at the scene of the hole today, they have brought in some bigger diggers to dig a bigger hole.

I hear there have been no great archaelogical findings, perhaps some evidence of settlement layers on the east side but they can't be dated. Being a road it has already been dug up quite a lot.

The hole has allowed for workmen to come in and repair all the other cracks and holes along West Saint Helen Street.


Anonymous Thomas said...

As you may have had a few visitors lately who were looking for the lyrics to Bernard Cribbin’s Hole in the ground, here they are:
...."Well there we were, discussing this hole
Hole in the groud so big and sort of round it was
It’s not there now, the ground’s all flat
And beneath it is the bloke in the bowler hat
And that’s that"

10 September 2008 12:05  
Blogger young at heart said...

My friend at the County Council tells me that the Hole could still be there on Heritage Day. Tours will not be possible inside the hole. It can only be viewed from behind the fence for H&S reasons.

10 September 2008 14:41  

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