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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Asylum Monologues

At Saint Helens Church this evening we heard personal testimonies of Asylum Seekers in the UK as performed by actors in a very simple and powerful show. It has already been performed in many towns in the UK, and it just needs someebody local to ask and they'll do it where you are. See Actors For Refugees for more information.

These were the actors tonight. They come from a rolling band of willing volunteers, and were presented with a Saint Helens Church mug for their efforts.

'This is the thing that the British people don’t understand. They think we came here just because we want to live here. We came here because there are problems – that why we came here.'

The local MP, Dr Evan Harris is seen here talking afterwards with Christine Bacon who runs the show.


Anonymous John said...

well done for getting this on before I got back from the church! (yes i know i'm computer illiterate).
many congratulations to the cast facing us with stuff we'd rather not, and to St. helen's for doing this kind of work; Glad to see our MP who often gives the impression of being anti-religious. Much of the blame for our attitudes in this country goes on the tabloid press. "murdoch" said Potter in that last interview, "I'd shoot him"

22 September 2008 22:56  

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