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Thursday, 4 September 2008


I've just looked on the Ask website and Abingdon is not there yet on the drop down.

Ask, Abingdon opens today. The building, known as Pulpit House, was the one time Abingdon Congregational Church in the Square. Since then it has either been FOR LET, or an office. Vacated as a church in 1968 but not sold until 1980. A marketing company took it over and got a design award for the way they had one company on the groundfloor, and another on the balcony. That closed in 2006. The bushes grew and grew in front until Ask came along. They are owned by the same company who owns Pizza Express so they should already know a bit about Abingdon. Now the bushes are cleared away and ...


Anonymous alan lovedog said...

Abingdon is on the site now.
we shall visit on sunday to sample their wares!

5 September 2008 17:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ASK Abingdon is based in an amazing venue, it’s a shame that the meal didn't live up to much, service was appalling and had to wait 10 minutes to have our drinks order taken and then another 10 minutes for them to arrive, the garlic bread starter however was superb, but 2 main courses where just terrible, the pasta was dry and the chicken was way over cooked and tough and to be honest didn’t really live up to much. All the staff where very pleasant but lacked the go of a new restaurant it's a shame to be honest being set in such a nice setting.

15 September 2008 08:20  
Anonymous Gill said...

Gill said

I agree with some of anonymous's comments. The venue is amazing but the service is a bit on the slow side, although very pleasant. I have found the food fairly reasonable and as a result I have been 5 times!! and will be returning again.

14 November 2008 16:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think some people donnt understande that the service and chefs are new so it takes a while to get on their is also only and ASK

3 December 2008 21:07  
Blogger Dungeekin said...

I'm more than happy to support the statement of 'Anonymous'.

The location is fantastic, the food significantly less so. I reviewed it for and was not complimentary.

To be honest, if you want an Italian meal in Abingdon there are three local independents within walking distance of Ask!, all of which serve better food.



9 December 2008 19:11  
Blogger Jules said...

I used to work for Marketplace Design, who were based in Pulpit House. It's very weird seeing it reborn as a restaurant. I may just have to pop in out of morbid curiosity and see what's been done to the place...

24 February 2009 00:10  

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