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Saturday, 13 September 2008

National Heritage Day - 2008 - Abingdon

53 shops had a balloon in the window and an object not normally sold there. The Finishing Touch had Henry the Hoover. In a competition, people had to go round finding as many as they could. The balloons were Heritage Day balloons.

The Morris Men did two performances on the Market Place and many more elsewhere. The audience participation parts worked well.

There was a balloon launch with balloons from Centre Stage. Only about 40 balloons went up this time. The others 30 were taken home on strings. Centre stage is a great shops for party things, and costumes, and dance wear. Centre Stage are now in Coxeters.

This is Lesley - an original suffragette.

Other people were dressed up at the Abbey Buildings. The day did show off Abingdon's heritage, and all the open venues did well.

David, for example, opened his house for the first time and had over 200 visitors. David is an expert in vernacular architecture.


Anonymous hester said...

Come on Backstreeter - we need a picture of you in your outfit as well. (Lesley has got one - I am sure she could let you have it!)

PS well done for organising the day - for those who missed it there were hundreds of people wandering around in the sunshine enjoying what Abingdon has to offer and the feedback from people I spoke to - locals and visitors was great.

Thanks also to those private individuals in East St Helens Street who opened their houses or put information in their windows - it was absolutely fascinating.

14 September 2008 09:49  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Thanks Hester and thanks for helping with the shop window comp - which was organised very late in the day. I'll see if there is a picture I can use.

15 September 2008 07:02  
Anonymous sharon belfast said...

my sister and i are from northern ireland and were in abingdon by chance that day. we had a fantastic time and were overjoyed to see the morris men (we've never seen any before). we were warmly greeted by everyone and couldn't believe the hospitality offered by the people who opened up their houses to the public! well done abingdon! a beautiful town which i can't wait to get back to!

1 October 2008 22:17  

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