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Thursday, 14 August 2008

130 or 165 litres a day?

Just a day or so ago Thames Water were asking for higher water prices on the assumption they will need to pay for a huge new reservoir near Abingdon.

Inside a rainswept Guildhall, the Vale of the White Horse District Council have just put together a response on that reservoir.

The Council claim that Thames Water have over estimated water demand. The Council use government figures saying by 2030 people should consume 130 litres per day. Thames Water reckon on 165 litres per day. If the government figure is right then the reservoir would NOT be needed.

The political parties, inside the hall, agreed about that. Trouble is, the important people who make the decision are in Westminster in London, and most of the water is destined for London not here. So the Council also argued that such an important decision, which will become a precedent for public utilities across the land, needs to go through a public enquiry so local people can have their say.


Anonymous John Enticott said...

A very good point, especially in view of our new economic situation and with renewed interest in conservation of resources, reinforced by ricketing energy prices. Remember Kielder reservoir built for a future that never happened.
Let's widen this debate.

19 August 2008 11:21  

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