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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Abingdon Bellringers

There was a wedding round about midday today. From up in the belltower the bellringers waited for the final anthem to begin their peal. The method, called Grandsire, is shown above.

These are just some of the bells in St Helen's Bell tower. They are quieter than they used to be - and well insulated during the recent rehanging. They are only two years old.

Down below are the bell ringers, a very commited and dedicated group. The men tend to ring the larger bells on the north side.

and the ladies the smaller bells on the south. The lady second from left has been ringing since she was a girl in 1953.

The large pendulum of St Helen's clock can be seen above them, marking time.

To learn more visit Abingdon Bellringers.


Anonymous Tim said...

Grandsire is called a method, not a score.
Bells peal, they don't peel!

23 August 2008 20:15  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Hi Tim, Corrected the original post with your corrections

24 August 2008 23:48  

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