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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Optician Alley

Scrivens, the new optician on the precinct, is really Russel Caulton under new national management. They moved from the Market Place to the precinct. Their new shop is between Adams Kids and Bakers Oven.

At the other side of Adams Kids is the Abingdon Eye Centre.

At the other side of Bakers Oven is Specsavers.

Abingdon town centre has five opticians in all, three of them now close neighbours on the precinct. The precinct used to be Shoe Parade, then Greeting Card Row, and now it has become Optician Alley.


Blogger Michael said...

I like Abingdon Eye Centre the most, although there are some pretty nice ladies in the Specsavers.

15 July 2008 13:24  
Anonymous Hester said...

Russell Caulton's move means that there are now two adjacent empty units on the MarketPlace - what an opportunity for something to enhance the area- a continental-style Bar/cafe for example? Or better still an interesting shop PLUS bar/cafe....

16 July 2008 23:00  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Good thinking

17 July 2008 00:35  

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