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Monday, 7 July 2008

A lift up

Under the arches of the County Hall, the Alzheimer's Society were raising funds. One lady came pushing her husband in a wheelchair, and asked some young men to lift the chair up to look round the white elephant stalls. The County Hall is about the least wheelchair friendly building you could find.

A new lift will remedy that. It will take wheelchairs from ground level to undercroft, then up to the main museum sessions hall, or down to the basement. As can be seen the design (or this early mock up) has changed as a result of consultation with people in Abingdon, and English Heritage. It will be partly stone clad, and not go so high as the one that displeased Private Eye. Glazing in of the arches has also been ruled out Private Eye will be glad to learn.

The national lottery has given £2M towards the scheme that will create this new lift. Other changes include improvements to basement and sessions hall. This could be ready in time for the bun throwing to celebrate the Queens diamond jubliee in 2012. Perhaps Her Majesty could be persuaded to view another bun throwing, and use the new lift.


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