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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Red Kite

I spotted a large hawk over Gainsborough Green in South Abingdon. I remember on the Blue Peter children's programme, in years gone by, how they monitored the last pair of breeding Kites on an isolated Scottish Loch.

I said to one lady "Have you seen that"

She just said "Oh he's often here now"

Red Kites have been re-introduced (for that is what I think it is) and they thrive over the land near Didcot Power Station. They even come scouting over Abingdon.


Blogger Martin G said...

Red Kites are a common site over Abingdon now - I saw one circling about 30' above the road in Orpwood Way last summer.

12 June 2008 11:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just seen a Red Kite sail calmly 2 feet above Didcot railway station roof. Magnificent!

21 July 2008 15:26  

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