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Saturday, 7 June 2008

The water is still getting higher

There's usually a way through

Either on foot

or by bike. But what may be a bit of an adventure to me

is a disaster for the gardeners at Abingdon's

Marcham Road allotments. Crops are underwater, sheds and outhouses flooded.

The fields around Tesco are also under water. Thats the River Ock on the left and the footpath on the right.

It is another summer flood, and another sign that we can expect more, and that Abingdon needs better flood protection. Either a flood relief area west of the A34, or an emergency drainage channel using the planned new canal.


Anonymous Alan Lovedog said...

as long as i've lived here ( and i overlook that field), i've not been aware any allotments exist. where are they exactly? - behind tesco alongside the dual carriageway ?

7 June 2008 16:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Alan Lovedog if you go right the way up past tescos heading towards marcham, theres several layby's just before the dalton barracks turning, well there is a big gate way there on the left hand side where the allotments are.

My father has an allotment down there and they started to flood at 10.30 am on thursday morning and then by thursday evening our allotment had 3ft of water in places.Apparently the water was being pumped out of Denman College by the fire brigade hence why the allotments got flooded for the 4th time since last july.

Sadly we have lost all of our crops, including the ones that were nearly ready to harvest due to the water not going down quick enough and there being diesel and petrol floating on the water.

7 June 2008 18:05  
Anonymous alan lovedog said...

hopefully it's falling now then? - the weather has been rather good from wednesday onwards - not that that always matters - i recall the july floods arrived a few days after the rain.

7 June 2008 22:20  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Even more confusing is the location of the Drayton Road allotments. They were once at the top of Preston Road. You could not get through to Drayton Road back then because of the allotments being there. But then lots of new housing got built over the beautiful corn fields south of Preston Road. And the allotments moved quite near the sewage works, but retained the name Drayton Road.

7 June 2008 23:19  
Blogger Mark Thornton said...

It's difficult to see why suddenly there is so much more flooding than in previous years? Do these allotments always flood, or is it just in the last few years?

It can't all be down to Tescos building on the flood plain. Has there been other development that is causing this?

8 June 2008 12:05  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

The water is going down, and went down 8inches overnight on abbey meadows! The Thames should be ok by monday or tuesday which is good news.
The thames isn't dredged any more which doesn't help, I don;t think it has been dredged for 15 years! Indeed, probably since the EA took it over. Therefore the Thames isn't able to hold the capacity of water it used to. This combined with an increase of rain may contribute far more than buildings on flood planes.

I learnt earlier this week that from October, people are going to have to apply for permission to tarmac their front gardens and if they do do it, they will have to use a porous tarmac type thing so water can still drain away....

8 June 2008 15:02  
Anonymous Alan Lovedog said...

its quite ironic really - last month 3 houses that had been flooded out last year on the ladygrove estate all paved their gardens over at once.

8 June 2008 18:18  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Mark, Last summers flood has sensitised us to be more wary. 2 summer downpours in two years is probably not statistically significant. Last years was a one in a hundred year phenomena, and this high water may happen every few years. But weather patterns are changing. We need to make the case for Abingdon flood protection from the EA, as Oxford flood action groups make the case for Oxford flood protection... The EA does dredge but don't see Abingdon as a priority since despite the shoal (silted up ledge) with the green buoy, the remaining river is still navigable two way. They say they have repeatedly dredged near Benson with little effect. It just goes back. That may be true or not. But the dredging rules don't allow them to remove what they dredge, or if they do, there are long restrictions governing drying it out etc, and so they tend to just move what they have dredged to a deeper channel elsehere on the river.

8 June 2008 22:17  

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