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Friday, 13 June 2008

Desperate Times

Somebody did say that I must have been hard up for pictures the day I featured an Electricity Sub Station.

Well finally, I must admit I am getting desperate. Tonight I have been trying to get pictures of Public Conveniences.

This lot near the Charter Carpark are all locked up. No use banging to get in.

And these at the Abbey Meadows are just closing. The cleaner has just knocked to make sure nobody will get locked inside.

A letter to the Abingdon Herald lifted the lid on the topic of public toilets in Abingdon a few weeks back, and since then it has been all Cisterns go. Last night the Town Council tabled a motion on improving toilet provision in town. The motion was passed but it did include a large number of inadvertent and deliberate puns.

One councillor said "The new leader of the district council is already on the job." Another had to be excused.

Finally, a loo, near the cricket ground, that is open any time.

Well, thats a relief anyway!!!


Blogger Mark said...

I was just waiting for the toilet related pun when reading through this post!

14 June 2008 14:09  

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