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Saturday, 24 May 2008

The Queen, Abingdon, and Mostly Books

The Mayor Patrick Lonergan was there to cut the cake at the Mostly Books party to celebrate the 'Best New Bookshop' award. There was not just cake, but also champagne. The toast was 'To The Queen, the town of Abingdon, and Mostly Books.'

The Performing Arts Department from Abingdon & Witney College performed songs and dance on the Market. Good weather again.

Thames Water are beginning again with the public consultation on the need for a huge new reservoir near Abingdon. We have been through this all before - a couple of years ago. This time there is a slightly different emphasize but the same reservoir.


Blogger Christine Walker said...

More dancing in the streets!!

26 May 2008 01:44  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

The Market Place was closed last year so we are making up for it this year. P.S. Thanks for the idea of a Not Abingdon Blog.

26 May 2008 14:00  
Blogger Christine Walker said...

I am so tempted to start one. I went out and took pictures of the local farmers market, and then didn't do anything with them. It would be fun to compare though. I don't think that we have anything even close to a bun toss. I had to look that up on Wikipedia.

27 May 2008 04:58  

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