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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Two sides to every story

A comment in the Abingdon Herald recently said:

"I visited Abingdon a couple of weeks ago, for the first time and had thoughts of a nice affluent rural English village, wow what a change when visiting the place for real. I found Abingdon to be derelict, depressing and covered in CCTV. What has this country come to when small towns are in this sort of mess?"

Not sure if the comment is for real. But I do know that when I've put upbeat comments about Abingdon in the Herald web comments I've had people say "Are you for real?"

Here a coot is bringing up her chick on the River Thames near Abingdon town centre: complete with upended drink bottle, apple core, litter including bread wrapper, and lots of uneaten bread. Two sides to every story.


Blogger Martin G said...

With the best will in the world, I have no idea why the correspondent was expecting Abingdon to be a rural village! Not all towns in Oxfordshire are Cotswold chocolate boxes...

21 May 2008 16:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This looks like the newspaper equivalent of a 'drive-by posting' common on web forums where people ignorant of the wider issues drop in, make an inflamatory comment, and then leave. It might also be a 'troll' of course, posted by someone looking to stir up trouble for fun. Either way - shame on the Didcot Herald (sorry, *Abingdon* Herald, the Didcot Herald is a totally different paper) for printing it.

Martin's comment is spot-on. Who the hell expects Abingdon to be a rural village? For the people of Abingdon who actually live and work here, we know the town has problems (what town doesn't?) but we also know the town has some fantastic amenities and sights - starting with the wonderful river.

21 May 2008 18:55  
Blogger Martin G said...

Well said anonymous - perhaps our correspondent should sit down by The Old Anchor of a lunchtime and enjoy the view

22 May 2008 08:11  
Blogger Christine Walker said...

It all depends on what you're expecting. Coming from a town where no building is older than 1890, if that, I think Abingdon is fascinating and beautiful. And you guys are always dancing around in the streets, too!
I should start a blog called "Not Abingdon" to which you could refer all complainers.

22 May 2008 14:19  
Anonymous hester said...

How refreshing to hear some positive comments! However we really need to get these posted in the same places as the negative ones - woud any of you consider posting comments like these on the Herald's own forum or and/or Action4abingdon?

23 May 2008 09:27  
Anonymous Phil said...

Abingdon looked great when I last visited in 2001 (from the US). Traffic was a problem, though. Some things never change.

24 May 2008 00:59  
Blogger MortimerBones said...

Traffic is awful since the council decided to revamp the road system, but Abingdon is a lovely town. It is a shame there aren't more local shops, and that so many are closing down. However, shopping is not everything! Abingdon lies on one of the most beautiful stretches of the River Thames, it has a plethera of wildlife, and some lovely places to eat. There are glorious walks, and plenty of space for picnics. The childrens playground is fantastic. As with all towns there are rough areas and beautiful areas, but Abingdon is full of surprises.

27 May 2008 12:28  

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