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Monday, 12 May 2008

The Abingdon Evening News

Down Bath Street, Cafe Zeko are finishing off the conversion of what was 'The Eben Lark.'

The new room will serve as an art cafe room, with art supplied by Jennifer Gerard - who until recently ran the gallery in Stert Street.

(There are rumours that her former gallery - next to Mostly Books - has an interesting new owner. But that will become clear in days or weeks to come.)

Meanwhile, Stert Street is closed overnight. Workmen have resurfaced Broad Street and the entrance to the Charter Carpark,

and have begun on Stert Street again.


Blogger Steven said...

The coop also got a major visual change today with cladding covering all the brickwork at the front of the building.

12 May 2008 21:36  
Blogger Draza said...

Why can't they fix what they already have before laying more tarmac.

12 May 2008 21:52  

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