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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Dance / Hope 08

There was an International Dance Festival on the Market Place today. The O'Gara School of Irish Dancing are seen here with Marianne - who organised this event for the town council.

People can be seen here watching a display by the Abingdon Dance Studios.

The Mayor even had a little twirl with a young lady called Holly, with Ceroc dancers on the stage behind.

Despite all the dancing, there was still room for a Save Radley Lakes stall. They have a sponsored dog walk next Saturday starting at 1:30.

Elsewhere, all around Abingdon, upwards of 140 volunteers from the Church in Abingdon were taking part in something called Hope 08 - Hours of Kindness. These volunteers were helping remake part of the Ock Valley walk washed away by last years floods.

Others were involved in litter clearing.


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