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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The Abingdon Morning Update

I spotted my first 'Spring into Abingdon' poster walking the dog this morning. The scheme begins this Saturday and involves the town being divided into 4 zones (red, blue, green, purple). The participating shops and restaurants (mostly independents) stamp a card if you spend over £5. Get a stamp from each zone and you get entered into the prize draw. I'm going to try to use a shop I've never used before in each of the zones. Thanks to Hester for the information on this one.

As Stephen commented to the previous post 'The Abingdon Evening News', cladding of the Co-op began yesterday.

And as it turns out, only small parts of Stert Street were resurfaced such as the Bridge Street junction and road markings. That should help people like Tipsy who left a comment some time back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to see they've made an effort to make the junction clearer, although it looks like the kind of corner that most drivers prefer to cut, it might not turn out to be all that helpful.

13 May 2008 08:51  

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