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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Abingdon Central Post Office

Times are changing... The main sorting office in Oxford is to move to Swindon...

Two Sub Post Offices in Abingdon (or thereabouts) are being closed as part of the Royal Mail closures program. One is on Wootton Road in Abingdon, and one at Dalton Barracks in nearby Shippon. And so one would expect additional customers will need to use the central post office.

Abingdon central Post Office is operated for Royal Mail by a company called Primeco, and has been for two or three years.

Since taking over, Primeco has opened the Post Office up on Saturday afternoons - when it used to close at 1 PM. However it appears that whatever the size of the queue there are only two service counters open (out of the possible eight), and the one (this end of the picture) for foreign exchange.

There are rumours that Primeco want to move the operation - possibly to the new Co-op building. So is Abingdon Central Post Office to become a Sub Post Office?


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