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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Earth Movements

There appears to be a lot of earth movement going on at the new housing development on the Drayton Road. This picture was taken a week ago.

On Sunday morning it looked like this.

but all that snow soon thawed away leaving the final lay of the land to be worked upon.

The developers of the site may have had delicate negotiations with the Environment Agency before proceeding with the earth movements. They will need to ramp up the new houses above the risk of flooding.

Behind are bungalows flooded last July. The elderly people will move back in by about May at the latest estimate.


Anonymous Hester said...

COG spoke to the developers when we met them about the Old Gaol - they confirmed that the houses will be raised up - and will have raised access routes as well. Said they would be the most flood-free houses in the town!

9 April 2008 11:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, would you buy a house that had been raised due to a proven risk of flooding?

Also, flooding may be one concern but what about the additional cars and hence traffic that this development is going to generate?

9 April 2008 13:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And this just pushes the water into surrounding areas - thus the flooding is just pushed onto the older house and existing residences. Great.

9 April 2008 20:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a riverside property. My understanding is the house and access routes can be above the flood plain but the gardens should be at the existing level.

18 April 2008 10:01  

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