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Sunday, 13 April 2008

An Escape from Endless Reality TV Shows

The Daleks are coming on May 4th. Are You?

Just one of many attractions at the Annual ABINGDON Air and Country Show. There will be the usual flying display, vintage vehicles, craft fayre and trade stalls. Last time I did a blog post on the event was way back in 2006. Yesterday the organisers were selling advance tickets on the Market Place. You can also get advance tickets at The Warehouse (near Coxeters).

Also, the Town Crier was going around bellowing out '... turn off the television. Escape from those endless Reality TV shows. Come watch a real drama at the Unicorn Theatre. Separate Tables by Terrence Rattigan performed by the Abingdon Drama Club (Wed 16 - 19 Apr at 7.30pm) ... God Save the Queen!'

Then he'd go 10 yards and bellow the same thing '... Escape from those endless Reality TV shows... God Save the Queen!'


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