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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Abingdon Spring Head 2008

The Abingdon Head of the River involves crews starting at intervals and racing against the clock. The winning crew receives the title of "Head of the River".

The race is over a 2KM course starting near Culham. When they go past the Abingdon Rowing Club - shown here - competitors are on the finishing straight.

It looked hard going.

But having completed the course, the pain seems soon forgotten.

After the race there followed a more leisurely row under Abingdon Bridge (Burford Bridge).

Crews disembark at Rye Farm Meadow.

Most people came by car, and so half the meadow serves as a car park, and the other half as a boat assembly / dis-assembly line.

The event, hosted by Abingdon Rowing Club, had its biggest ever turn out this year (I believe).


Anonymous Anonymous said... gives the boat in the first picture from Maidenhead Rowing Club

22 April 2008 21:42  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Thanks oarspotter. I can also tell you that Guildford got the biggest cheers all afternoon. The third picture was an Oxford College - Queens I think.

22 April 2008 23:58  

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