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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Bigging Up Holbein

Throughout the day a collection of Abingdon Artists have been working away in the Guildhall, each painting one square from Holbein's picture 'The Ambassadors'

Jennifer Gerrard, who did much of the organisation, chose 'The Ambassadors' picture - at least partly - because every square had enough detail to make it interesting to paint.

From 4 PM, the bigger picture was assembled.

This is the children's version.

And this is the adult's version with the collection of artists beneath.

Both pictures can be seen over the next two weeks, for the duration of the Abingdon Arts Festival, in the Guildhall.


Blogger Mark said...

Our own picture of the Holbein picture is over on the Mostly Books blog.

Jennifer deserves huge credit for the success of this event, there must have been 200 people in the Abbey Hall for the unveiling.

It was a great start to the two-week arts festival. Let's hope it gets Abingdon buzzing for the duration!

2 March 2008 21:11  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Mark, I see from your picture you were up front. I was standing on a chair behind the crowds. And I've just posted a comment on your site saying 'more pictures of Bigging Up Holbein' on this site. Agreed about Jennifer. She will be a great loss.

3 March 2008 00:04  

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