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Monday, 4 February 2008

Bee and Lark have flown ....

The Busy Bee has blown

The Eben Lark has flown.

Leaving just a memory

And other news stories from last week, some of which won't be news to everyone but here they are anyway:

The smoke from a big petrol station fire at Sutton Courtney could be seen from miles around including, I guess, Abingdon. (I missed that one completely)

Some representatives from Didcot Town Council came to watch the proceedings at Abingdon Town Council. They were reconsidering - now their town is getting far grander - whether to wear traditional gowns at town council meetings like Abingdon. Maybe we should return the visit to look at how to turn a town around. Didcot started to turn it around when nPower paid for them to have a town centre manager as recompense for the gas powered Didcot B power station. But they have also had public money pumped in - paid for by the rest of us.

Halcrow, the consultants who helped design the AbITs traffic system, were supposed to return to do another study to report on the actual operation of the system, but this may be overtaken by a local initiative: some town centre businesses may try to undertake an independent report after circulating a petition.

The Mayor signed the Nottingham Declaration on climate change.

The Wootton Road post office is on the list of those destined for possible closure, as is the one at Dalton Barracks. Sounds a bit of a blow for the recently returned soldiers.


Anonymous richmond said...

AbITs: I understand that the traffic lights at the Culham end of Abingdon bridge will move to nearer the Crown and Thistle Hotel. With all their planning and yet more money being spent on Halcrow Consultants, how much has it cost to site the lights in their present position and how much will it cost to move them? Hopefully the stupid sign by the lights telling visitors and tourists about the integrated traffic flow will be removed. Abingdon is about an historic town by the Thames - that should be the welcome message.

5 February 2008 16:14  
Blogger Tipsy said...

How many times have I nearly been run over now Stert St is one lane. A few times when I've crossed Bridge St by Fat Face and the museum towards the Abingdon Gateway, I safely cross to the middle island then look left to see if it's clear. When Stert St was 2 lanes you could see the traffic going round to the High St in one lane and traffice coming down Bridge St in the other. Now all traffic is in one lane, nobody indicates, and one has to guess if they are going round to the High St or straight at you in Bridge St. Only last week I had to jump back to avoid a car who came tearing round the corner. The Old Gaol pedestrian crossing would be more use now if it was moved further up the road by Fat Face as more people cross here.

10 February 2008 14:33  
Anonymous hester said...

Interesting to see the comment about Didcot's town centre manager. Didn't Tesco offer to fund one for Abingdon - what has happened about that?

11 February 2008 18:51  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

They did. It was connected to the Tesco planning application. That is still going through planning.

12 February 2008 22:32  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

I forwarded Tipsy's comment to Councillor Ian Hudspeth, who e-mailed me the reply: "...We are currently considering increasing the white centre lines backwards from the junction at the bottom end of Stert Street. This is subject to the overall carriageway width at this point but it’s intention will be to encourage vehicles turning right out of Stert Street and along High Street to position their vehicles of the right hand side of the road, and likewise traffic travelling straight on to Bridge Street to position themselves on the left hand side of the road. This will make it clearer at this location in which direction vehicles are intending to travel."

29 February 2008 07:50  

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