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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Abingdon's Free Mooring

There can be 200 daily adult visitors coming from the river to use the town during the boating season. Some time back the Vale of White Horse District Council (VWHDC) abolished mooring charges and allowed boats to stay for up to five days, without charge, to encourage such trade.

Downstream from Abingdon Bridge where the banks are higher and better for cruisers there are mooring rings fixed into the concrete.

Upstream from the bridge two separate lengths of timber edged mooring were put in some years back: one length opposite the swimming pool, the other nearer Abingdon Lock. The banks are lower here and more suited to narrow boats. Stakes are driven into the bank here to secure the boats.


Anonymous Sgt Bung said...

I recon they could make the river ONE WAY, under one arch then back under the other. Round the little island then maybe some traffic lights just before the lock.

17 February 2008 16:16  

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