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Friday, 29 February 2008

Linked Signals

"These traffic signals are part of a network of linked signals to manage traffic within Abingdon Town Centre". However, they are not linked close enough.

There are notices to say the lights need to move in closer to the rest of the system to improve the link. The four car parking spaces outside the Crown and Thistle to the right must go as a result.

Also a reply to an earlier comment about Bridge Street traffic. Tipsy almost got knocked over at the top of Bridge Street because Stert Street traffic can go in either direction and cars don't indicate. Councillor Ian Hudspeth's reply can be seen at this link .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever since the scheme was first launched, I have raised the obvious loophole in the SCOOTS system - namely that it fails completely to make any allowance for or take any account of the large volumes of traffic transiting via St Helen's Wharf. And during all that time, the County Council misled Councillors, residents and the public at large by claiming that this traffic was integrated into the SCOOTS system by means both of a pressure pad and through the pedestrian call buttons on High Street (where a wonderful old lady was killed last July at theWest St Helen Street/High Street junction because of the lack of any provision for pedestrians at this notorious choke point - despite numerous warnings to this effect).

No surprise then that in December, under persistent questioning by Members, the 'responsible' [sic] Cabinet Member finally admitted that the information given to date was in fact incorrect; that the system had not functioned properly since its inception; and that no account whatsoever was taken of the huge volumes of traffic that enter the Town along the Wharf (at many times of the day, this traffic exceeds the volume of traffic entering High Street from Bridge Street). No surprise either, then, to learn that Halcrow Fox had actually proposed closing the Wharf to all but essential traffic...

Having ignored the recommendations of Halcrow Fox, the OCC have now dumped them as their consultants (whilst continuing to hand over millions of taxpayers' money to those charged with implementing the scheme - with the rsults that are visible to all).

Perhaps the Road Transport Laboratory will finally begin to join the dots, and the Audit Commission will start asking where all this money has gone...

2 March 2008 23:16  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Thanks for the comment. Very interesting and informative. I don't think the pedestrian crossing on High Street or Stratton Way are linked into the system either.

2 March 2008 23:59  

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