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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Flood Fair

It was not a fair in the usual sense. The flood fair at the Guildhall was a chance to see a variety of flood protection devices.

There was the Geodesign or 'Pallet Barrier', a large barrier that protects an area. It is the self acclaimed "21st century alternative to the humble sandbag".

There were also devices people could get installed themselves: barriers, and flood shields round doors, back flow valves for toilets, smart air bricks etc. etc....

The national flood forum ( a charity set up by people who have been flooded to help other people who get flooded) had a stall offering advice ...

as did VWHDC and the Environment Agency (EA). Both had a very similar picture showing just how many streams feed into the River Ock and then into the Thames. The EA stall holder did say they were still looking at the flood capture area west of the A34. Hopefully it will make enough of a difference to be worth doing.


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