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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

More flood pictures

A few more flood pictures while it lasts:

From the submerged towpath looking towards Abingdon Bridge.

From about the same place looking towards the cricket / croquet pitch beyond the trees.

The blue childrens water feature shows above the water in the Abbey Meadows.

Looking from Abingdon Lock along the handrail of the submerged landing stage.

Branching from the Thames, the nearest of the two channels that rush away down swift ditch. A weir is down there somewhere.

Across river, and further upstream, a one-time lake, complete with rescue ring. The lake was filled with fly ash piped from a nearby power station about four years ago.

Nearby fields show how the land would lie without such industrial intervention.


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God bless Abingdon

24 January 2008 01:00  

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