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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Abingdon Arts 2008

Abingdon Arts Festival 2008 begins on March 1st. One highlight of the festival will be Roger McGough performing his poetry at the Amey Theatre. There is also a photography competition - details are on the Arts Festival website. Entries can be about anything - but just three entries per person ...




That's my lot. I hope others will come up with something better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh, ooh. You gave me an opportunity for a gratuitous, off-topic plug!

As part of the Arts Festival, Abingdon Baptist Church on Ock Street have invited the Still Time Band to play a gig at the church on 8th March at 7:30pm

The Still Time band are probably the best Christian Jazz band in the country, and they will be playing a mix of George Gershwin numbers (including "Rhapsody in Blue")and their own jazz.

Because the church is subsidizing the concert, ticket prices have been capped at £5.

Tickets are available from the Church cafe at 35 Ock Street, during opening hours (10:30am to 2pm Monday to Friday).

12 January 2008 17:11  

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