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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Park Parking clamp down

Wheel clamping could be on the way for the Albert Park private roads. Erection of Parking Signs at various locations on lamp posts, and posts, in Park Crescent and Park Road is to be considered.

So you can imagine the scenario. People go along to a wedding or funeral at Trinity Church, or St Michael's Church. They return to find they've been clamped.

I only hope they get the right people this time: the ones who have churned up the grass verges and blocked peoples drives and don't give a damn, and not the mourning relative who could not find the church in time.


Anonymous Abingdonis said...

A shame. Making the park a clamping area is going to force more cars on to roads leading to it, where the houses largely don't have drives, and on-street parking is already massively over subscribed.

11 January 2008 09:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The churches are actually being given passes to give to people who are having funerals and weddings, regular church goers who need cars to access the church are also being given passes.
House's down park road and park crescent are being given passes for visitors, so if there is no space in their drives for other cars they can park on the roads.
As for the verges being churned up its all down to the Abingdon School Boys, i walk through the park everyday and everyday there are boy racers racing along a private road just for school, there are also big lorries that churn the verges up that are also heading towards the school. I personally think the school boys should be made to pay for grass seed that Christ Hospital of Abingdon have to keep forking out for and then the poor park keeper has to plant.
I live not so far away from Albert Park and everyday, even before the clamping comes into force we get Abingdon school boys and people who visit the town parking down our road, meaning there is no spaces for our family to park.

14 January 2008 19:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be dreadful it someone attending a wedding/funeral or church service were to be clamped and I would not wish this. However I live in Park Road and as I write this there is a car obstructing my drive whilst the owner attends a church service. This is a regular occurence and a bit more thought by the people who park here would lessen my annoyance. I also agree with a previous comment about the boy racers who drive up and down the road and I'm afraid to say they are often straight from the school (I think the Head needs a word with his pupils). There is absolutely no need to drive more than, say, 15 mph in the road. I don't know what the solution is to the parking but it must be intolerable for those living at the town end.

31 January 2008 13:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The clamping enforcement signage in these roads is a joke. The signs are grossly inadequate and far too easily missed. I visited Albert Park in January this year and was considerate enough to make sure I parked my car in a place away from resident’s parking spaces completely unaware that clamping was being enforced in Park Road because I didn't see any of the signs. I returned 30 minutes later to find a clamp on my car. The current setup is a complete scam and Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd who are the company employed by Christ's Hospital of Abingdon (the landowners) to enforce the clamping in these roads are taking advantage of the fact that motorists are unlikely to see the easily obscured and/or tiny "camouflaged" signs. They then charge motorists an extortionate amount of £130 to remove the clamp which is non-negotiable. If you refuse to pay they won't remove the clamp. At the time I was clamped I had no other real choice except to pay them their "ransom" money.

I made a valid appeal and tried to reason with both Parking Control Management and also Christ's Hospital but to no avail. I therefore initiated joint legal action against both PCM and CH through the Small Claims Court and was successful in recovering all my money (including courts fees) before it actually went to court. I suggest anyone else who gets clamped in these roads does the same as I did and takes legal action against both parties.

Residents beware because these Private Parking Companies who are employed to clamp cars show no mercy and only make any money from clamping cars and charging extortionate fees to release them. If there are no "visitor" cars to clamp then they make no money so it will only be a matter of time before they resort to clamping residents cars for any stupid reason they can get away with like "the parking permit wasn't visible through the dirty windscreen".

You can read my experience (and success in recovering my money) HERE.

20 March 2009 16:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you get clamped, you will be able to successfully sue PCM and the landowners to recover your money. PCM's operation breaks any number of laws.


16 February 2010 10:29  

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