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Sunday, 6 January 2008

School Land For Sale

The entrance to this piece of land is via the Anna Pavlova estate.

This gate provies the only way in for vehicles. The new cemetary is on the right.

It is a raised walled area of land, at the same level as the cemetary.

But from the school it is not visible, and is either accessible up these steps.

Or up some other steps the other side of this wall. There is then a jump down from this wall. All four town councillors who made the visit managed this jump, but the headmaster remarked it was an accessibility issue.

This shows the raised field behind the goal post. P.E staff supervising the rest of the field cannot see the raised area.

The money raised would be used to create usable sports facilities, such as bringing these tennis courts up to scratch. Currently the surface is dangerous, as is the fence. They are used for car parking.


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