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Friday, 18 January 2008

Sandbags out again

There were worries yesterday about whether parts of South Abingdon would flood again because of the River Ock (I note on the Environment Agency web site the River Ock is still only at 'flood watch' not 'flood warning'. )

These pictures are from this morning at about 8.

Sandbags have been put out again. Supplies are available from near Homebase on the Fairacres estate. This is St Helen's Mill where the water was rushing against the sides of the building last summer. It has breached the bank a little this time despite the bags.

For advice about using sandbags watch this video.

The River Thames is high but it affects far fewer properties in Abingdon than the River Ock. The wide flood plain the other side ensures for each inch it creeps up this side, it has to go some way the other side.


Anonymous Alan Lovedog. said...

While the radio announcements are of doom and gloom the water seems to still be falling - as it has been since thursday night.
the field adjoining tesco was full then - and the field behind Orpwood way had a fair bit in it too - as did the field with the Children's play area.
now only a small ammount remains on the Tesco field - so I can only imagine the media are erring on the side of caution.

19 January 2008 11:32  

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