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Monday, 14 January 2008

Radley Gravel

A book called 'The History of Radley', produced by the Radley History Club in 2002, says "as early as the 19th century the rich seam of gravel in the area started to be excavated.... small gravel pits were dug in several places... It wasn't until the 1940s that gravel extraction by Messrs. Amey, Tuckwell, and Curtis began on a more commercial basis., and a large section of lower Radley was given over to this end..."

".. some of these gravel pits have been filled in over the last fifteen year with fly ash pumped underground from Didcot Power Station... Meanwhile the filling of other pits continues..." This was written before permission was sought to fill in the more established Thrupp Lake (above), and the ensuing Battle for Radley Lakes.

H Tuckwell and sons Ltd have been at Radley since 1947. They continue to work the area, and are currently seeking planning permission for a five year extension to continue working the gravel and other aggregates within their current bounds.

In another five years they will know whether they can extend their works at Radley. That will depend on where Oxfordshire County Council allow quarrying in future - something under review. Important factors in any review should be the effect on the flood plain, and how well other land in the area has been restored, and the views of the local community.


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