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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Par Cark Review

There used to be a barrier at the exit from the Charter car park and people paid on exiting. That was back in the days when our children called it a Par Cark.

Now parking is pay and display.

Less people appear to be using the car park, and that means less people are using the town.

And so a review is being carried out by the Vale of White Horse District Council. Richard Farrell leads the review. (He is seen here talking to Lesley Legge - the leader of the town council).

Questions the review should hopefully be considering:
  • parking charges
  • level of fines
  • should it be pay and display
  • who parks where (currently shoppers park on the higer levels during the week because permit holders, including his own staff, use the lowers levels.)


Blogger Mark said...

Pay on exit is the best option.

Anecdotally, the changes to the Charter Car Park drove a significant number of families with young children away from Abingdon (shoppers who contributed a disproportionately large amount to the town centre economy). By forcing them to park on the top floors of the car park, with a lift that doesn't accommodate buggies, it gave them an extra reason to drive to Fairacres/ Tesco/ Didcot/ Oxford.

The council don't agree with this scenario, but we've talked to enough customers to know that there is some truth in this. A more than 30% drop in the number of cars using the car park (from the council's own figures) would tend to bear this out.

Families that still visit tend to park in Waitrose. Last year Waitrose started clamping down on this, reducing the length of time for parking to 1.5 hours (which may be in breach of their original planning permission - which compelled them to 'contribute to the vitality of the town centre').

I look forward to the review - hopefully all of these pieces can be put together before the town suffers more shop closures...

9 January 2008 23:00  

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