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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

On the Run

Last April there was just the shell of the old petrol station and a hole in the ground, and now there is 'On the Run'.

Over the last four or so years, Esso has converted many petrol stations to be 'On the Run'.
On a wet night, like tonight , people can find here a cafe area and a convenience store. Its just off the A34 Marcham interchange, near Tesco.

The petrol price is typical for the area - unfortunately. Prices have not been so high before.


Anonymous Yoplait said...

I'd be very wary about using their new Pay At Pump option again - when you insert your card into one of these things, most of them (e.g. at Tescos around the corner) deduct £1 from your account to verify that the account is live. This is a pending transaction that affects your 'available balance' with your bank, but as it's never authorised it drops off in a few days - never showing up on your 'actual balance'.

However - it seems Esso's policy is to check your account is live by initiating a SIXTY POUND pending transaction. I was horrified to see a £60 difference between my actual and available balance that I simply couldn't account for - several phone calls to HSBC and Esso later I got to the bottom of it and discovered this sixty pound 'tester' transaction.

In theory it, like the £1 thing, eventually just drops off - but it's been close to a week for mine now. And it's disconcerting to see a mysterious £60 pending transaction on your account, regardless of whether it's actually going to come off or not. More so when it turns out Esso are in no rush to do anything about it (needless to say, they've deducting the money I actually *did* spend on diesel as part of that transaction fast enough), and HSBC can't do anything as it's only 'pending'.

Talking to a guy who works there, it seems they've had several complaints about this already ... but they have no intention of doing anything about it.

16 January 2008 12:04  

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