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Monday, 28 January 2008

Ock Street Remembered

In 2006 crowds went to the Conduit Centre to see a weekend exhibition called The Ock Street Exhibition. Before the 1930s slum clearances about two thirds of Abingdon lived around Ock Street.

The 2006 exhibition comprised pictures and snippets of text on display boards.

It is back - creatively redone - using the County Hall Museum display cases.

The Christmas stage has been retained and converted into the interior of an Ock Street Kitchen.

One lady recalls ""Our cottage had two rooms, one up and one down, the only door opened into the downstairs room and the stairs went out of that room into the bedroom. There was a pocket-handkerchief sized garden, and across the other side of that was a wash house."

This display shows Stimpson the Grocer, located where Dominoes Pizza now does business.

There were artifacts such as this penny farthing made by Coxeters - still a shop name in Abingdon.

On Saturday there was a gathering of the clans when people who had helped create this exhibition came to share their memories. One lady said that this was the first time in all these years she had been up to the museum.

The exhibition is on until Wednesday 27 February 2008.

Ock Street Remembered - NEW BOOK AVAILABLE SOON - An Abingdon Community


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