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Friday, 25 January 2008

Moving out of retail

Next door to Busy Bee are two shops that have been empty for a considerable while. They were both charity shops. The far one was the Red Cross Shop. The near one was the Animal Sanctuary and the Co-op funeral service. Both have a sign TO LET. Both have 'Under Offer'.

One of them is looking to change from retail to financial and professional services (banks, lawyers, betting offices, estate agents, media etc) and seeks planning permission.

Another retail area looking for a change is the upstairs floors of what was Dawsons. They are seeking permission to change from retail to residential.


Anonymous IOM said...

When Dawsons shut down they sent out a letter to their mailing list, explaining that since moving in they'd had problems with the property that the owner hadn't wanted to deal with, but he did offer to let them out of their lease early - an opportunity they took. I 'wondered' why the owner was so keen to have the property back - I say 'wondered', but of course it was mind-numbingly obvious the owner wanted to turn it into *yet more* housing for a fast, short sighted profit. Nice to have this confirmed by your post.

Looking ahead to when all these properties are built/developed/converted - I'm thinking of the Old Gaol news here too - I wonder what the developers think these new residents are going to *do* in their new town?

Just can't shake the feeling our future children wont thank us for all this when they're milling about a giant housing estate, bored out of their minds.

25 January 2008 09:10  

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