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Friday, 11 January 2008

School Visit

This School in Abingdon has grounds cut across by Larkhill Stream. The stream falls into the River Ock near Ock Mill Close.

The land for the school was bought by Abingdon Borough Council in the 1930s, and developed after the war. Some digging for victory took place here during the war - to feed the hungry of Abingdon.

Over 80% of pupils now either walk or cycle to school - well above the national average.

The tables and seats in the play ground are made from recycled plastic bags.

The school has a new art studio.

Back in September the Oxford Mail reported how the school intends to sell some land, once belonging to the Pavlova leather works. The money raised could be used to develop sports facilities for the use of the school and local community.

The land is walled, and to be found on a gravel rise above the rest of the school grounds. It is not easy to access from the school, and is on a level with the cemetery next door,

and is accessed through the Pavlova housing estate.


Anonymous Alan Lovedog said...

When I attended Larkmead school in the 1980s/90s the raised land was easy to reach - there were no houses backing onto it at all.
In fact it formed part of the much hated cross country course.

13 January 2008 20:49  

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