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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Boundary Walk - New Year's Day 2008

Councillor Martin Smith conducted the Walk round the 1556 Abingdon boundaries, aided and abetted by the town crier and other aides.

It started sensibly enough at the Market Place.

Then went along by the Ock Valley walk. Modern day bicycles were left padlocked behind at this point.

Martin Smith read out the route from the 1556 charter:

"...where the said little stream of the Ock falls unto the Thames as aforesaid, and from thence by and through the aforesaid little Stream of the Ock including the same little stream unto the aforesaid Bridge of the Ock called the Ock Bridge, and...."

During this ancient walk, we did loose our 21st century road sense at times.

"... and from thence by and through another publick way a little turning towards the North untill you come to a certain Crooked little Ditch inclining towards the East, which said little Ditch together with the aforesaid publick way..."

The walk ended over the weir beside the lock keepers cottage.

"...the Borough shall extend and stretch itselfe from the Locks aforesaid, called the Abbey Locks, through the whole River Thames, including the same River unto the Bridge called the New Bridge built upon and over the said River of Thames.... and from thence by and through..."


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