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Sunday, 2 December 2007

Advent Sunday

One moment it was raining, the next there was sunshine.

There was a local derby game. Parents were on the touchline: some supporting Saxton Rovers F.C. under 11s , some supporting Abingdon Youth F.C. under 11s at Caldecott Rec.

At Trinity the first candle of the Advent Crown was lit, and 'Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel!' was sung

There was chaos on the town's roads, probably caused by the telecom road works on the Drayton Road Bridge, and exacerbated by 'sheer weight of traffic' as people went home from sports, leisure, church, shops or whatever. In any case it was all quiet again within the hour...

- even sooner for residents of the Tomkins Almshouses. All they have to do is shut the gate behind them, and they are in a quiet place.


Anonymous MilliHelen said...

The traffic jam was well established before 10am when we were trying to get our son to the Rugby club
Incidentally, did you see all the MGs in the market square on Sunday morning? All quite modern, so I suppose their owners had brought them to see where their grandparents were built!

3 December 2007 16:28  
Anonymous Pip Bin said...

They were all in the Dog House most of the afternoon. Shame about the rain i was going to take a few shots myself.

3 December 2007 22:37  

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