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Saturday, 29 December 2007

Town Centre - End 2007

This is the state of the town centre at the end of 2007 (press on image for a bigger version and if it that looks grainy press again the (+) magnifying glass).

Red is a vacant shop premises that was occupied at the end of 2006.
Yellow means change of ownership.
Green is a shop that was vacant at the end of 2006 which is now occupied.

High Street and the Bury Street shopping precinct have not had a good year. Other areas have done better.

Four shops have moved within the town: Frend & Co the jeweller, moved to West St Helen Street for a lower rent. The Chinese Medical and skin centre also moved for a lower rent. Chancellors the Estate Agent moved to be nearer the other Estate Agents. Going Places moved in with Thomas Cook after their parent companies merged.

Patesserie Pascal is a new addition. Other new shops include Limoncello, the restaurant, Poldeli, the Polish deli, and Kelso, a leather and craft shop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For anyone interested,

is a link to the map, but enlarged.

29 December 2007 23:17  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

It didn't work for me, so I removed the link. But you are quite right.

30 December 2007 00:36  

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