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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Southern Lights

Here are a few pictures of the winter lights in Abingdon (starting at the southern end of town)...

Abingdon Bridge at sundown.

St Helen's Church and Wharf.

The floodlights at Abingdon Town football club reflected on the Thames.

A window in East St Helens Street.

A garden in Saxton Road - it boasts more such displays than any other road in Abingdon.

However, there were fewer lights than usual in other areas of South Abingdon. There are still a lot of people not back into their flood damaged houses yet and, perhaps as a sign, there was only one Christmas light - a swinging bell - on one normally-festive road.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

gulp sorry guys but thats my mums front garden i'll have to give her a ring a nearly proud son living in rotterdam

19 December 2007 01:02  

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