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Friday, 14 December 2007

Soldiers Home from Iraq

The soldiers from the Royal Logistics Corps at Dalton Barracks marched through Abingdon to the Market Place.

Medals were presented to mark the soldiers time in Iraq, and some especially heroic actions were marked with special commendations.

The soldiers then marched down West St Helen's Street to a church service accompanied by the civic party and some Chelsea Pensioners who also belonged to the Royal Logistics.

At St Helens Church candles were lit - one candle was lit for each person mentioned in the Roll of Honour of those killed in action during this tour of duty in Iraq. Of the 23 names, 2 belonged to the Royal Logistics Corps.


Blogger Mark said...

Nice one backstreeter. Sadly, the Daily Mail probably weren't around to take pictures this time to correct the distortions they printed earlier in the year...back that's newspapers for you!

I'm sure they appreciated the effort from the town - and your blog entry.

13 December 2007 19:34  

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