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Monday, 31 December 2007

Fairacres - to the next level

This is one place where AbITs (Abingdon Integrated Traffic Strategy) had a notable success with the completion of the dual carriageway from the A34 to Tesco and Fairacres over the road.

The Fairacres retail park has seen big changes this year to take it "to the next level". This is the first major revamp since the park was built in 1969.

Mays Carpets (an old Abingdon retailer) has became part of the larger Carpet right chain, and the May family now concentrate on managing the property park.

Most of the new stores have been completed. Pets at home is nearing completion.

Between Argos and Carpet right, where the Ab Fab cafe used to be, building continues on what looks like the last retail unit (s). So who might go there? One rumour doing the rounds is that Woolworths and/or Boots will move out of town. Hopefully it is just a rumour.

This board encourages people to venture on to Abingdon Town Centre - England's Oldest Town - where AbITs has hit more problems.


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