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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Contractors Return

The workmen were back, and most of the Market Place was fenced off.

They were digging holes for the Liquid Amber trees to be planted on Thursday, or maybe Friday.

Different contractors are back near the Abbey Gateway, to do some remedial work, replacing the York stone setts on the road that chipped too easily.


Blogger Mark said...

They will also be on Stert Street replacing the new pavement that has also cracked under the weight of lorries, that were forced to mount it when it was narrowed during the, er, recent pavement works.

Mmm. I can see this one running and running...

4 December 2007 17:55  
Anonymous Pip Bin said...

I hope you didn't feed those two blokes, i think they bite.

4 December 2007 21:27  

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