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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Your Future

People gathered at the Guildhall for a café style discussion of the future of our district. They were presented with some of the big issues.

One subject was the economic vitality of town centres:

"Changes in shopping, working, and leisure habits... mean that the town centres of Abingdon, Faringdon, and Wantage are not enjoying the full benefits of the Vale's economic success... Residents are leaving their home town to work before the shops are open and returning after they are closed...They are using out of town superstores or travelling to large regional centres..."

Options to consider...
  • Create better local awareness of town centre shops
  • Resist out of town developments
  • Set up business improvement plans for the town centres
  • Improve the character of the towns through environmental improvements
  • Put on more events to encourage people into the town centres
  • Locate more houses near town centres
  • Encourage an evening economy

Didcot have turned their town centre around. They had enough derelict land near the town centre to start again, and built a new town centre adjacent to the old. It is like an out-of-town development in the town centre. The old bit may die off and be turned into housing but they have just moved sideways a bit.

I don't think we can copy that. There is not the room. But thinking caps on...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the forum as well - our group had to discuss where the 11,000 houses the Vale has to build in the next 20 years should go: brownfield sites - which includes knocking down big houses and building lots of small ones on the land; green belt; additions to existing towns or villages - or what? Difficult.

The Vale are consulting all of us on what we think is important about the area we live in - if we want to have a say we should respond. There is a questionnaire in Vale Views - obtainable from their website or from their offices.

14 November 2007 22:47  

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