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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Bury Street Shopping Centre

There was a lady doing a survey about shopping habits in Abingdon today - for the district council.

Before 1974, Abingdon Borough Council looked after everything including the roads. I have the impression that a few influential people could arrange matters down at the club - not sure how true that was.

But control has got fragmented. Not only are there three levels of local council, but an investment company controls the precinct...

The investment company have agreed with the district council to refurbish the precinct...

Despite that shops in the precinct have been closing this year. People blame the new traffic system, but Frend & Co the jeweller recently moved to West St Helens Street because they were being asked too much for a new lease. Going Places are now part of Thomas Cook and so have joined their shop along the precinct. Clarks have consolidated into one shop. Shoe Zone have just gone.

Halfords could be the next to close. They have larger shops in Cowley and now more recently in Didcot.

I have heard people say things will have to get worse, before anything radical can be done and things get better again. This may be all part of the plan of the investment bank to free up space and create larger shops to bring in some bigger players who will pay big money rents.


Blogger Steven said...

I see the Chinese Acapuncture and Herb shop now also has a big "To Let" sign on it.

Soon there will be nothing but estate agents in the town center.

22 November 2007 23:29  
Blogger Hyde DP said...

Same sort of thing is happening all over. Market Street in Hyde is predominated by fast-food outlets.

23 November 2007 14:49  
Anonymous Ju said...

Do you know whether there is an action group in existence to save Abingdon from the planners? If not, do you think there should be one?

26 January 2008 13:18  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

I don't know of anything yet. It would depend on what the action group was trying to achieve. If it was to revitalise the town centre - definitely. But how? Get rid of the jams. Get the precinct improved sooner rather than later. Encourage the right sort of shops and facilities so there is something for everyone. Didcot's rise began when they employed a town centre manager a few years back. So maybe thats what we need to try. The answer is I don't know what an action group could achieve, but there is no harm trying.

26 January 2008 15:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ju- What do you mean by your comment about saving Abingdon from the Planners? I believe that the hideous precinct was built due to a lack of planning...?

8 November 2009 20:26  

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