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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Most dug up town in Oxfordshire

The left filter light along Ock Street has just been turned on.

Work must be almost complete on the Stert Street - it is closed overnight from the 19th to 22nd November for resurfacing.

Abingdon is to be awarded the prestigious 'Most dug up town in Oxfordshire' award for the second year running with thanks to the guys from County Highways who have made all of this possible, and Isis Accord who did the real hard work. If we can win again next year, we get to keep it.

(Just an update at 21:00 on this post with thanks to Martin G. Electricity work, that went wrong, has kept the road closed during the day as well as the night, causing gridlock and even more anger about Abingdon. The workers think it will be open again tomorrow morning.)


Blogger Martin G said...

Nice one!

I understand Abingdon was gridlocked this morning...they found a hole in Stert Street and all the electrics were out as well...hey ho!

22 November 2007 11:31  
Anonymous Reg Nullify said...

As you can see the road surface is like a mirror. You can see the headlights of the cars coming towards you twice.You can also see all the lines in the road even the ones they tried to cover with black paint.
Didn't they just get rid of a manager today for setting himself extreamly low standards then failing to live up to them ?

22 November 2007 17:47  
Anonymous Vicki said...

On Tuesday night I drove from the middle of Ock Street, round by Coxeters and tried to turn right onto Stert Street. Shut! But you don't know that until you're right on top of the junction. I understand that this morning, the signage was just as bad coming the other way from the Vineyard.

Not only are we the most dug up town, we're the owners of the worst signage too.

22 November 2007 21:19  

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