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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Long Alley Almshouses

The back gardens of the Long Alley Almshouses.

A view across the River Thames to the same almshouses.

The front view.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

could you tell me the exact location you took this shot from?

11 July 2007 01:04  
Blogger back streeter said...

1. Over the gate. If you think its private I'll remove.

11 July 2007 08:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's not the thing, i have an old print of this view and i'm struggling to place the exact location

11 July 2007 12:09  
Blogger back streeter said...

Phew. Glad about that. The Long Alley Almshouse is at the back of St Helens Church in Abingdon. That is
on St Helens Wharf

11 July 2007 13:06  

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